Campus Outreach opportunities

We have multiple opportunities for students to engage our campus with the Gospel.  Watch this video to learn more about Equip and Campus Outreach and scroll down to learn about how you can get involved.



Mondays at 1 pm

Join us as we go out on campus to share the Gospel. We will have a time of training and prayer at 1 pm and will then go out on campus in pairs.

Location:  BSM

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People Groups

Tuesdays at 2:00 pm

People groups is a ministry team that seeks to equip and encourage students in everyday evangelism with the people God has placed in their circles, or "people groups." The team meets Tuesdays from 2-3 pm at the BSM and spends time sharing stories, praying for one another, using helpful resources to be better equipped in evangelism, and prayer-walking areas of campus together.

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Midweek free lunch

wednesdays at noon

The BSM and local churches provide a free meal to UNT students. It is first-come-first-served until we run out of food so come early!

When: Wednesdays at noon

Location: BSM

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Many of our BSM students participate in Intramurals.  To sign-up to participate, you need to create an account with IMLeagues

How to Sign-Up:

1. Go to IMLeagues

2. Either login or create a new account

3. On the green bar saying University of North Texas, make sure "Intramural Sports" tab is clicked, if not click it

4. Scroll down to the basketball section and select the blue word "Co-Rec"

5. Scroll down through the teams and join the team "Bear Shark Moose"

6. Fill out few questions and press submit

7. You will not be joined automatically, one of our coaches will go in and approve your submission

More information coming soon...

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International Student Ministry

Coffee and Culture: This is a time where international students as well as American students come together to discuss Family, Culture, and Religion.  If you are interested, please email
  • When: Every Thursday from 12-1
  • Where: Marquis hall Room 215
Monthly International Dinners:  These dinners happen once a month and were created to provide UNT International students with community and a home cooked meal.  Local church members open up their homes and invite international students to spend the evening with them and other international and American students.
  • Paused because of Covid
Our Ministry Team Meets:  to be determined

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