Lodging options

TownePlace Suites873 N 1200 W, Orem, UT 84057, 801-225-4477

  • Ben can help us get a discount on rooms
  • Each room has a kitchenette
  • Hotel Contact that Brady talked to: Abby Lyman (Director of Sales) abby.lyman@marriott.com, 801-225-9009 or 385-236-5976

Airbnb & VRBO Options - Ben says that these options are usually cheaper for groups. He recommends staying in Provo/Orem and not looking outside of these two cities.

Trip Videos

These two videos include an information video from Ben and a preview video from when Brady traveled to Utah.

You can download both of these videos (by clicking the DOWNLOAD button underneath the video) if

you would like to show them to students.



Each BSM will book their own flights for their groups.

We will need to rent vans at the Salt Lake City airport. We can coordinate together to figure out how many vans / drivers we will need as we get into the Spring semester.

Projected schedule

5/21 - Saturday - Travel Day

5/22 - Sunday

9:00am Setup at Mosaic Church

10:00am Worship with Mosaic Church

12:00pm Lunch with Team

5:30pm Dinner at Mosaic Offices

6:00pm Evangelism and Prayer Training with Ben at Mosaic Offices

5/23-25 - Monday - Wednesday

9:15am Prayer and Devo at Mosaic Offices

10:00am Prayer walking and Canvassing (BYU and UVU)

12:00pm Break for lunch on or near campus

1:00pm Prayer walking and Canvassing (BYU and UVU)

5:30pm Dinner with team

6:30pm Worship and Teaching at Mosaic Offices (Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY)

5/26 - Thursday - Choose Your Own Adventure Day (Salt Lake City or Provo Canyon)

6:00pm-8:00pm Outreach event

5/27 - Friday - Travel Day

how to prepare your students for the trip

Make sure students:

  • Have a good handle on the Gospel and can share it with others
  • Make sure students spend a few weeks sharing the Gospel on campus before the trip
  • Suggested book: What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert - this is a helpful resource to equip students on understanding the Gospel.

Students do not need to go down the rabbit hole of LDS theology. They need to know and be equipped with the Gospel.