Utah Mission trip information

Projected Dates: May 21-26 or 27, 2022

Location: Provo, UT and Orem, UT

Utah Campuses: 

Texas BSMs:

Leaders for each group: (Group leaders names are BOLDED)

  • UNT BSM: Becca Whitmore (832-948-6759), Mary Taylor (817-907-4802), Houston Arledge (832-744-9562)
  • UTA BSM: Ben Sutton (970-203-5786)
  • CC BSM: Stephen Galarza (956-204-2388), Vanessa Escalate (361-461-0503)
  • TJC BSM: Reagan Reid (432-213-5075), Yemile Flores (903-747-2964)

Trip Videos

These two videos include an information video from Ben and a preview video from when Brady traveled to Utah.

You can download both of these videos (by clicking the DOWNLOAD button underneath the video) if

you would like to show them to students.


Updated schedule (as of 4/28)

5/21 - Saturday - Travel Day

5/22 - Sunday

9:00am Setup at Mosaic Church

10:00am Worship with Mosaic Church

12:00pm Lunch with Team

5:30pm Dinner at Mosaic Offices

6:00pm Evangelism and Prayer Training with Ben at Mosaic Offices

5/23 - Monday

9:15am Prayer and Devo at Mosaic Offices

10:00am Prayer walking and Canvassing (BYU and UVU)

12:00pm Break for lunch on or near campus

1:00pm Prayer walking and Canvassing (BYU and UVU)

5:30pm Dinner with team

5/24 - Tuesday

9:15am Prayer and Devo at Mosaic Offices

10:00am How To Exegete Your Campus with Ben

11:00am Church Planting and Everything Else with Send SLC led by Michael Cooper

12:00pm Break for lunch at church offices

1:00pm Prayer walking and Canvassing (BYU and UVU)

5:30pm Dinner with team

5/25 - Wednesday

9:15am Prayer and Devo at Mosaic Offices

10:00am Prayer walking and Canvassing (BYU and UVU)

12:00pm Break for lunch on or near campus

1:00pm Prayer walking and Canvassing (BYU and UVU)

5:30pm Dinner and debrief with team

5/26 - Thursday - Choose Your Own Adventure Day (Salt Lake City or Provo Canyon)

6:00pm-8:00pm Outreach event

5/27 - Friday - Travel Day

Tentative UNT Schedule - here is a schedule that the UNT staff put together for the trip. I wanted to share it in case this would be helpful for anyone.

how to prepare your students for the trip

Make sure students:

  • Have a good handle on the Gospel and can share it with others
  • Make sure students spend a few weeks sharing the Gospel on campus before the trip
  • Suggested book: What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert - this is a helpful resource to equip students on understanding the Gospel.
  • Suggested book: Unveiling Grace by Lynn Wilder

Students do not need to go down the rabbit hole of LDS theology. They need to know and be equipped with the Gospel.

BSM Group Information

UNT - 13 (10 students, 3 leaders)

  • Leaders: 2 girls, 1 guy
  • Girl students: 4
  • Guy students: 6

TJC - 14 (12 students, 2 leader)

  • Leaders: 1 guy, 1 girl
  • Girls students: 6
  • Guy students: 6

UTA - 10 (9 students, 1 leader) 

  • Leader: 1 guy
  • Girl students: 5
  • Guy students: 4

CC - 8 (5 students, 3 leader)

  • Leaders: 1 guy
  • Girl students: 2
  • Guy students: 5

Total: 45 people (36 students, 9 leaders)

Flight, Lodging, and transportation info


School   Flight date    Flight #   Departure   Arrival

UNT            5/21        SW 1328     4:20 pm    6:15 pm                    

UTA            5/21         SW 6480     2:05 pm    3:50 pm                    

TJC             5/21         SW 1328     4:20 pm    6:15 pm

CC              5/21         AA                10:40am  3:01 pm - Other flight:  depart at 6:28pm and arrive and 10:50pm


School  Flight date   Flight #   Departure   Arrival

UNT           5/27       SW 2097    4:50 pm     8:25 pm

UTA            5/27      SW 1569    4:55 pm      8:35 pm

TJC             5/27      SW 2097     4:50 pm    8:25 pm


Lodging Info:

UNT - AirBnB - 232 Alturas Cir., Orem, UT 84058

UTA - AirBnB - 537 North 2430 West, Provo, UT 84601

TJC - AirBnB - 1001 South 400 East, Orem, UT 84097

CC - AirBnB - 1104 East 230 South Street, Provo, UT 84606

Transportation plans in Utah:

UNT - 15 passenger van, SUV

UTA - 12 passenger van

TJC - 15 passenger van

CC - 2 cars, each hold 5 passengers

Meal Information

This is what UNT plans to do for meals. Feel free to adjust for each group.


                     Saturday       Sunday       Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday       Thursday       Friday

Breakfast        None            BREAKFASTS - EACH BSM WILL DO ON THEIR OWN AT THEIR AIRBNB - pack sack lunches during Breakfast time

Lunch             Travel       Sack Lunch  Sack Lunch  Sack Lunch   Sack Lunch     Sack Lunch    Travel

Dinner            BSM             Group?          BSM             BSM                  Group?         Free Day       Travel

Sam’s Club Address  -1313 S University Ave, Provo, UT 84601

Walmart Addresses 1355 Sandhill Rd, Orem, UT 84058 and 2255 N University Pkwy, Provo, UT 84604

Grocery List Ideas:


Coffee, Creamer, Sugar


Cereal and Milk

Bagels and Cream Cheese & PB


Some sort of protein thing each morning (without dairy)

Lunches: *pack them during breakfast

Lemonade/tea powder packets

Veggies (carrots, lettuce, tomatoes)



Cookies / snack options

Bread (Normal bread, GF option, and sandwich rounds)

Cheese (selection)








Dinner Ideas:

-Burrito Bowls with Chicken

-Pulled Pork Tacos w chips and salsa and rice and beans

-Pizza and fruit salad

-Burgers, Fries & Salad

-Spaghetti with meatballs and salad

suggested packing list


Comfortable walking shoes! This is important - we’ll be walking a lot.

Sunscreen/Chapstick (it is arid and desert-y.)

Layers - it can still get chilly in Utah in May

Refillable water bottle

Official government ID for the airport


Journal or notepad to take notes

Money for meals on travel days and free day

*Bedding and towels may be needed if your lodging does not provide them