Are you interested in being a bsm student leader?

The BSM Growth Pipeline is the path we hope students will take during their time at the BSM.  This is a helpful way to grow as a disciple of Jesus and to learn how you can be a leader at the BSM and in your local church.  We want all of the students that are interested in getting more involved at the BSM to be familiar with the Pipeline and the Expectations we have for each student leader position.

Please scroll down to join a ministry team, to apply for a Lead Team Position or to apply to be a Connect Group leader position.

Please email if you have any questions.

What do you need to know about being involved in a ministry team?

Anyone can join a BSM ministry team and you can join a team at any time during the semester.

Description: Ministry teams are a launching point for leadership.  Students will learn about serving in ministry as they advance through the Growth Pipeline.


Not required, but helpful:

  • Attend Vision Retreat (once a semester)
  • Attend Leader Meeting Breakfasts (monthly)

Lead Team  Application

You can apply to join the Lead Team during specific application times.  Email for more information.

Description: The BSM Lead Team helps our staff lead and facilitate our ministry teams.  These student leaders facilitate team meetings and help mobilize students through the Growth Pipeline.

Requirements for a Lead Team member:

  • Be involved in a weekly BSM Outreach Event (scroll down for options)
  • Be involved in a Connect Group
  • Attend Connect Weekend (Fall Semester)
  • You get to participate in development meetings with staff
  • Attend Vision (once a semester)
  • Attend Leader Meeting Breakfasts (monthly)
  • Attend a local church

Be working on or have completed:

Connect Group Leader (CGL) Application

You can apply to become a Connect Group Leader during specific application times.  Email for more information.

Description: Our Connect Group Leaders facilitate our BSM Connect Groups.  They prepare to facilitate the discussion, follow up with their members and help provide community to UNT Students.  Our Connect Groups are one of our most tangible outreach opportunities.  We have new students come to Crave each week that do not know the Gospel and join our Connect Groups to learn more, so it is essential for our Leaders to be intentional about sharing the Gospel and following up with their group members.


Working on or completed:

Not required, but helpful:

  • Attend Leader Meeting Breakfasts (monthly)
  • Attend Connect Weekend (Fall semester)

BSM Weekly Outreach Events

We expect for each BSM leader to actively participate in one of these BSM outreach events:

  • Midweek Free Lunch on Wednesdays
  • Campus Outreach (Mondays at 1 pm or another weekly time)
  • People Groups / Intramurals
  • International Student Ministry (Conversation partners, etc)

It is helpful for leaders to try and keep MWF at noon available to help facilitate ministry (Free Lunch) and participate in training (Equip and Growth Course 1)