bsm attitudes

The BSM Attitudes are ways for our ministry to remember how a follower of Jesus dwells upon and lives out the Gospel. 

  They are attitudes of the heart that overflow from how the Spirit is working in our lives.  

The ten attitudes are based on our BSM mission statement, "We Know Him To Make Him Known." 

Five of the attitudes focus on being a disciple of Jesus and growing in our relationship with Him and five focus on the response that comes from spiritual growth, evangelism (sharing the Gospel with others)

knowing god attitudes:

Eternity Matters Most - Video

Every person is eternal and without a reconciled relationship to their God through Jesus, will spend eternity in hell. My eternity mattered so much to God that He sacrificed His Son Jesus to pay the price for my sin. Now that I have this eternity, the eternity of my friends and family matters most to me. Therefore, I believe that getting every sinner like me connected to their needed and perfect Savior is my highest and holiest priority.

Not Perfect but Perfectible - Video

I have never “arrived” as a follower of Jesus. There are always more ways that the Holy Spirit is transforming me by degrees into the image of Christ, maturing me, stretching me and growing me. I will not pretend to be perfect, but be authentic with my imperfection, knowing that God is already at work in renewing me. I am humbly and persistently pursuing this sanctification through Gospel-centered discipline and community, knowing that it comes as a worshipful response to my salvation, not a means to it. I am also encouraging others to do the same.

Pursuit of Excellence - Video

God takes very seriously the idea that everything we do must be done with a skillful hand, with complete devotion and most excellently as is possible. We will commit to pursuing every area of our life with the utmost excellence, whether it's our schoolwork, our relationships with friends, or the functions of the ministries we are serving in.

The Word is Fuel - Video

As the inspired and revealed Word of God, the Scriptures are where we return continually to seek guidance, find encouragement, be corrected and most importantly grow in our wisdom of our own salvation—we must learn to preach the Gospel to ourselves first. The study and application of the Bible is a critical part of the life of a disciple, as is private meditation and meeting corporately to grow in the word together. But all of this is not an end to itself; we are not merely consumers of the word, but rather it is a fuel for us as we go out on our mission in the ministry of reconciliation to give God all the glory.

Matthew 18 (M18) - Video

The ministry of reconciliation applies to the way we relate within the Church as well as with those outside it. We do not settle disputes or conflicts like the fallen world around us. We do not gossip or go behind someone’s back to build a case against them. Matthew 18 clearly spells out how Christians are called to solve disputes and clarify misperceptions. We are also called to speak only words that build up, especially of those who are not present to defend themselves. There are no exceptions. 

making the gospel known attitudes:

the product of knowing god is evangelism. if evangelism isn't happening, there's something missing in your obedience.

Ambassadors of Reconciliation - Video

God’s plan of reconciling me to Himself through the cross of Jesus is only one part of the story. I have now been entrusted with a ministry of reconciliation, carrying out God’s work of restoring EVERYTHING to everything else. This includes relationships between family and friends, the right stewardship of our planet, working for justice and peace, and most of all appealing to others that they be reconciled to God.

I Am Not My Own - Video

Because my eternal salvation and joy is secure, I no longer live for myself but only for what is in the best interest of others, especially those who do not know Jesus. Every decision I make, whether in my personal life or my priorities in ministry, is through the lens of how it will be perceived by those who do not yet know Jesus. How will a “lost sheep” hear this lesson I’m teaching? How will a sojourner respond to our decision to hold this event at a certain time or place? Will a not-yet-Christian know the meaning of the words I’m using? 

Telling the Next Generation - Video

God has always emphasized the telling of His story to the next generation of His people. In the same way, Jesus’ model for ministry was one where one Spiritual generation of believers was crucial in the formation of the next. We are committed to the idea that as soon as we become disciples we are responsible for making more disciples.

Heart for the Nations - Video

God’s plan is not for one people group or tribe, but that all nations would be grafted into a new kingdom in Christ. We will be obedient to Christ’s commands to go out and be his witnesses to the ends of the earth. We will also take advantage of every opportunity when the people from the ends of the earth come to us. 

Every Week is First Week - Video

Jesus’ ministry was not exclusive but inclusive. Anyone who met Jesus experienced a welcoming love and graceful acceptance no matter who they were. We will strive to create a culture of invitation that makes everyone feel welcome and loved, and this posture will continue year-round, not just during the first few weeks of school. We will not exclude anyone from joining us in the most joyful or fulfilling community we have to offer for any reason, be it their past mistakes, their current worldview or simply the fact that we don’t know them as well as our closer friends.