Our Location

1132 Union Circle | Denton | TX 76203

We are located directly across the street from the UNT Union.  


You must have a BSM parking pass to park in our lot.  Towing is enforced.  

For Connect:

Students who are attending Connect Worship can park in the lot after 5:30 pm

on Thursday nights. We have limited parking at the BSM (only 14 spots), 

so once our lot is full, everyone else will need to park elsewhere.  

If you live on campus, please walk to the BSM. 

If you have a UNT parking permit, please use it so that someone else can park in the BSM lot!

UNT Parking information

Parking Garages:

Union Circle Garage (right next to the BSM)

The address for the parking garage is 155 Union Circle.  It costs $2.25 per hour with a .35 transaction fee. 

Park Mobile APP:

You pay via the PARK MOBILE APP.  You can get information on that here: https://transportation.unt.edu/news

Highland Garage (by the BLB)

$2.00 per hour

Daily max is $16.00