Why do we need to engage college students?

Statistically, 95 % of the over 60,000 Denton college students are not pursuing a relationship with Jesus.  That means that only 3,000 students that attend UNT, TWU or NCTC are actively engaged in a faith in Jesus Christ and that 57,000 are not.  

Our hope is to build a partnership of local churches working together to take the Gospel to these campuses and to better disciple the students within the church.

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Practical ways your church can be involved

The Denton Baptist Association has partnered with the TWU and UNT BSM staffs, local pastors and experienced collegiate ministry leaders to develop a plan to help local churches engage Denton college students.  


Would entail:

  • Receiving a monthly prayer email that includes information on college campuses, stories and specific prayer requests.
  • Periodic bulletin inserts that could be included in a worship bulletin
  • 1-2 Prayer Videos a year that could be shared in a church service
  • Opportunity to come and prayer walk a campus - prayer guides would be provided for each campus and a student would lead


Would entail:

  • Receiving the prayer emails and resources
  • Increase giving to DBA to put towards college ministry
  • Helping connect BSM staff to church members who might be interested in giving towards staffing support
  • DBA College Student Counseling Fund


Would entail:

  • Receiving the Prayer resources
  • Consider how your church could give financially to grow collegiate work in Denton

Find ways to serve on a campus: (some examples)

  • Provide a meal: Free Lunch, Leader Retreats, Events
  • Get involved with international students: Conversation partners, host a student in you home, participate in the Thanksgiving meal
  • Campus Outreach: participate in trainings and sharing the Gospel on campus.  Help the college students in your church get connected with BSM to go on campus to share the Gospel.
  • Worship night meetings:  Attending weekly night worship events and small group Bible studies
  • Bible study: Helping a student facilitate a small group Bible study on campus
  • Missions: Participate in BSM mission trips


Would entail:

  • Receiving the Prayer resources
  • Consider how your church could give financially to grow collegiate work in Denton
  • Consider ways your church could serve on campus

Working to Mobilize the college students in your church:

  • Mentoring: Organize and implement a student mentoring program
  • Collegiate Group: Provide a class / small group for college students, or work to provide opportunities for college students in your church to connect with one another
  • Equipping Seminars: Participate in and help lead DBA Equipping seminars for college students
  • Campus Outreach: Participate in campus outreach efforts
  • Be on campus meeting new students: Work with BSM staff to discover ways to get your church on campus regularly to meet new students

Let us know about your church

Please complete this follow-up survey so that we can better partner with your church as we engage our campuses with the Gospel.