Do you have questions?

Knowing God Booklet - Would you like to know God personally?  This is a great resource to read if you are interested in a relationship with Jesus. 

Do you have questions about God?  Check out Explore God for conversations on your questions. 

If you have questions we would love to meet with you. Please email us at

Discipleship resources

Are you interested in pursuing spiritual growth?  These downloadable resources can be helpful.

Growth Group Discussion Guides

BSM Core Attitudes Study

BSM Discipleship Booklet - this is a great resource to start with a new Christian

GULSA Bible Study Questions - this is a great resource to help you study the Bible

For more information:

Are you interested in studying the Bible with another student? Our Growth Groups provide an opportunity for students to pursue spiritual growth with other students. Please CLICK HERE for more information on joining a Growth Group.

GULSA Training Video

GULSA is a Bible study method that we use in our Connect Groups, Growth Groups and in Bible study meetings.