BSM Student leadership

Student leaders help plan and facilitate every ministry at the BSM.  Scroll down to learn more about leadership opportunities.  To learn more about requirements, expectations and if you would like to join a ministry team or apply for the Lead Team or to become a Connect Group Leader, click on the corresponding tabs.

  • Servant team members

    Our servant team focuses on helping make our events happen. Any student can join a ministry team at any point in the semester. Here are the areas you could focus on:

    Worship Band

    A/V Team

    Free Lunch

    Setup & Tear Down


  • Core team members

    The BSM Core Team helps our staff lead and facilitate our ministry teams. These student leaders speak into the direction of ministry, facilitate team meetings and help mobilize students through the Growth Pipeline.

    To become a Core Team member, a student must serve for at least one semester on a ministry team, complete the application and participate in an interview with BSM staff.  Applications happen twice a school year.