Discipleship plan

Discipleship Goals and Hopes:

  • Students will have a better understanding of the Gospel and it's implications in their lives. (Bridge Illustration, Spiritual Survey, writing out the Gospel and personal testimony)
  • Students will learn how to study Scripture and how to help others study Scripture and understand the importance of being in the Word. (GULSA & Bible Reading Plan)
  • Students will understand the importance of community and confession in the life of a believer. (CLAP Guide)

The main resources we want you to use when meeting with a BSM student for discipleship are:

What do I do before I start discipling someone?

Do you know where the student you are meeting with is spiritually? Are they interested in learning more about Gospel but they are not a Christian? Are they a new believer who doesn't know how to study Scripture? Did they grow up in church but have no idea how to study the Bible? Here are steps to help you determine where a student is:

  • Start with the Bridge Illustration and share the Gospel with them. Use this as an opportunity to clearly explain the Gospel. At the end, ask what they think about the Gospel and where they are in regards to believing the Gospel. You can use their answer to determine where to start. Even if the student you are meeting with grew up in church, we cannot assume that they understand the Gospel... so always start here!
  • Have the student complete this Spiritual Survey. It is a helpful tool to determine where to start with a new discipleship group / one-on-one. This is helpful to learn what a student understands about spiritual disciplines and is helpful when planning the semester. For example, if a student says they do not understand prayer, you can help them learn about why we pray and how to pray.
  • Another helpful things to do is to ask them to write out the Gospel and their testimony and to bring it with them to your next meeting. This will provide insight into their understanding of the Gospel and how the Gospel has transformed their life.  
  • Once you have completed these three steps, talk to Matt or another staff member to determine what to do next. It would be helpful to bring the survey, testimony and written Gospel explanation when you meet with a staff member so that they can have insight and can provide better counsel to you.
  • Once you have determined what your plan is, email Matt@untbsm.com and let him know. If you need help figuring out what to do or are having problems during the semester, please let Matt or a staff member know.

Plan Ahead! It is helpful to plan ahead and take notes for your discipleship times. Here is a planning guide to help you prepare:

CLICK HERE to see some other resources you can use.