BSM Giving

How is the UNT BSM Funded?

The BSM is funded in different ways. First, through the giving of the local churches through the Denton Baptist Association. The second way is through individuals. These are people who see the work we are doing as vital in todays climate and vital to this campus.

Use of funds:

Through the giving of our association, churches and individuals is how all of our ministry operates. This funding covers our ministry to students through discipleship and training, mobilizing students to missions both on campus and across the globe, the usage and upkeep of our building and parts of our staff incomes. Every penny given to the UNT BSM is used to reach the 36,000 students at the University of North Texas.

How to Give:

You can give three ways.  You can give online below through Giving Fuel.  These contributions and can be set up as one-time gifts or recurring gifts set up to be given as often as you like. You can also setup a gift through your bank.  Any gift can be mailed in directly to our office at UNT BSM.  Please scroll down for more information on each option.

bsm Student payments

Students - please use the Giving Fuel Link Below for the following: 

  • Mission trip payments
  • Retreat payments
  • Go Now Fundraising
  • Products (books, T-shirts, etc)
  • Parking Pass

Select: "Other" and when you type in the dollar amount, you can write in what your payment is for

There are 3 easy ways to donate to BSM:

To give to BSM Ministry / Staffing / A Student's Mission Trip and

for Students to make payments for a Retreat or Mission Trip:

  • Give through our easy, secure online giving page on Giving Fuel:

    • Your tax-deductible gifts can be given through Giving Fuel by credit card, debit card or e-check.  You can setup recurring donations or make a one-time gift.  100% of your contribution is received by the UNT BSM.  You will be mailed a year-end giving statement from Texas Baptists.  If you have questions or need to make changes to your giving, contact Stephanie Gates at
    • CLICK HERE to give or make a payment to UNTBSM (general donations, missions, general staffing)
    • CLICK HERE to give towards BECCA WHITMORE's support raising
    • CLICK HERE to give towards MARY TAYLOR'S support raising
  • Set up automatic giving through your own bank

    Here are a few simple instructions on setting up automatic giving through your bank.

    Many people find it easy and convenient to set up automatic monthly giving to BSM.  Most banks allow you to do this using the online bill pay feature.  Typically, there is no charge to use this feature and your bank will even pay for postage to mail the check.  Here are a few simple steps:

    1. Log on to your bank account on your bank’s website.
    2. Go to the bill pay section and select “add a payee”.
    3. Add the UNT BSM as a payee

    UNT Baptist Student Ministry
    PO Box 311584
    Denton, TX 76203

    (Note - If asked for an account number, just put "NA" or "0".)  

    1. After you have added UNT BSM as a payee, you will schedule a repeating payment.  Go to the bill pay section, select “schedule a payment”, then indicate you would like to set up a repeating payment.
    2. You then will choose the amount you want to give and the start date.  You will also choose an end date or term: six months, twelve months, indefinite, etc.
    3. When you are done, you will usually have to confirm that all the information is correct, and you’re done!

    Automatic giving is very helpful to BSM.  It allows us to budget and plan ministry around this income.  Thank you for considering giving in this manner.

  • Mail in a contribution

    Make checks payable to "UNT BSM" and send to:


    PO Box 311584

    Denton, TX 76203

Give to the bsm building Endowment fund

We moved into our new BSM building in November 2015 and we are currently working to increase the endowment fund which will help us care for the building.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation towards the endowment, please click the button below.